Wecome to Link Rescue
Link Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit, no-kill, all volunteer animal rescue organization serving the Oklahoma and Payne Counties and their surrounding areas. We are dedicated to rescuing animals left homeless for whatever reason, primarily focusing on dogs in high kill public shelters where they are at great risk of euthanasia due to pet overpopulation, dogs given up by their owners because of difficult circumstances, and those in danger of abuse or neglect.

In a perfect world, every home would have a dog and every dog would a home!
All that is missing in this selfie is you!
The overall mission of the Link Rescue, Inc. is to give animals individualized care and the additional time they need to locate their “forever home.” It is our experience that animals that are rescued provide more love, as they know they have been saved, and are special Rock stars. You can give them the new lease on life.  Eventually, many of our adopters say” Who rescued who!”

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We look forward to talking with you regarding our rescue.  Please contact us at:

Link Rescue, Ink

Angie@linkrescue.org (405) 990-5890